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Rocky Mountain High     Swish, swish, flap, swish, flap. The walls of my tent approach to flutter vigorously. I roll over, rub my eyes, and try to figure out what in the hell is going on. Waking up from the long, cold nights sleep at 10,000 feet, my senses are not exactly what I would call sharp as a tack. I unzip my sleeping bag and a rush of cold mountain air sends shivers down my spine. I pare around the tent, frantically trying to find some warm clothes. As I hop out of the tent, I realize the shaking was approaching from the other members in my group giving me a inner circleers wake up call. Still in a morning daze, I ask, Whats for breakfast? After the laughter dies down, I realize the Clif contain I packed the day before will be the provided breakfast I substantiate.     As I scramble around camp, I notice the first glints of sunshine shoot over the ridge to the easterly and the moon slowly tucking itself into bed behind the ri dge on the west. I wipe the dew off the face of my watch, 603am. I take a deep breath of the mountain air, as clean as pure spring water and then I feel nature begin to call. With the first task of the day accomplished, I pack up camp and prepare for the days hike. The higher up the mountain I go, more(prenominal) and more of my group members began to fade. Some of the members stop to quiet on a log that has fallen victim to Mother Nature. Others pause to take pictures of themselves, miss the valley below. The lake glimmers from the suns rays and the cool north winds push the clouds crossways the sky. Feeling excited now, I want to keep going to get the view from the top. Sitting on a log to rest or taking pictures just does not appear so appealing anymore. I do not know what about hiking in the mountains that became so addicting to me, only when there is definitely something about it. Maybe it is the way that all my worries and troubles see to disappear into the land. I run around all day acclivity peak after peak, not thinking twice about the rest of the world. All the TVs, cell phones, palm pilots and other gadgets of the day that seem to keep me entertained at home are like a candle in the wind when compared to Mother Nature, who offers plenty to keep me occupied.

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Life Of A Teenager Essay

WE TEENS are something our life depends on cell phones, television and mete out more. We are more b other(a)ed about our fashion and outlook. Our friends play the closely important role in our life.A teenager, or teen, is a young psyche whose age falls within the range from thirteen through 19 (1319). They are called teenagers because their age number ends in teen. Someone corned 18 or 19 is also considered a young adult. time of pubertyOn average, girls begin puberty at ages 1011 boys at ages 1112. Girls usually complete puberty by ages 1517,234 while boys usually complete puberty by ages 16-17. The major termination of puberty for females is menarche, the onset of menstruation, which occurs on average between ages 1213 for males, it is the first ejaculation, which occurs on average at age 13.In the twenty-first century, the average age at which children, especially girls, reach puberty is abase compared to the 19th century, when it was 15 for girls and 16 for boys.This c an be due to modify nutrition resulting in rapid body growth, increased weight and racy deposition, or eating meat from animals which have been dosed up with oestrogen.I memorize the phone numbers of friends whom my parents do not approve of so that their names dont blink on my mobile phone. vigour Like a Friend>> I sometimes fight with my friends, moreover theres mutual understanding that we wont let our parents know. And, usually, we sort out the differences ourselves.>> Some of us get stuck with friends from whom we learn to smoke, drink, splurge, and other vices. For a while, I got entangled with a group of boys and became addicted to flick games.>> When I want to attend a party or beguile a film, I invent a story, like I am going to study at a friends place.>> brave year one of my classmates was moving to another city. On his last twenty-four hour period at school, I gave him 100 so that he could buy himself a present. It was the money my mother gave me to buy a sweater.

Girls of Riyadh

Discuss in what ship canal Girls of capital of Saudi Arabia demystified or confirmed your gender perceptions of the quintessential Muslim night club that Saudi-Arabian Arabia is meant to represent. Girls of Riyadh is the poignant delineation of Saudi Arabias withdraw society where young women who silently cherish Hesperianized aspirations ar weaved within the nonindulgent conventional web of the Arab law.Alsanea challenges the dictatorial and Islamist regimes of Saudi Arabia by contentiously incorporating proscribed issues such(prenominal) as homo provokeuality, the quest of love, intimateity and subjugation of the women in her work. She generally attempts to certify that a western hemisphereern code of life in an Arab society is more than preferable and suitable than the Islamic peerless (Mubarak, 2011). Subsequently, she reiterates, between Muslims and the West, the existing chasm which is grounded on the latters perception of Islam as an obstruction to the Arab wo realit y and her fight back for independence.This paper accordingly elucidates the various ways this refreshing demystifies gender perceptions in the typical Muslim society that Saudi Arabia is meant to represent. The addressization of the quad protagonists to wit Gamrah, Sadeem, Michelle and Lamees condemns Islamist fundamentalism as misogynist and calls for autonomous and secular political legal frameworks. The schoolbook simultaneously divulges the prevailing inconsistency between the opposite sexes in the Saudi society.While Doumato (1992) articulates in her work that Arab women are prohibited to travel with come out of the closet their mahram or male guardian, Abdulla (1981) further exposes the prevailing sex segregation in Arab countries where the Muslim girl is anticipated to learn how to become an ideal housewife to her husband and a successful m early(a) to her children instead of looking forward to join warring fields such as geology, meteorology and so on which are expl icitly for the men.Alsanea, by applying western tints to her novel, defies the conservative Arab society with the emergence of her four egg-producing(prenominal) portions who confront the political culture of Saudi Arabia as a social force. With the proliferation of technology in the 21st century, Alsanea uses the Internet as a medium to communicate to her readers. By so doing, she connects both male and female readers in a country where integration of the sexes, at least in public, is still non-existent and where veiling is enforced (Bahry, 1982).The virtual interaction between Lamees and the other masculine cyber users remarkably contradicts the Arab society where such crossing point is out of question. The internet, the narrative topological main turn (Ghadeer, 2006), becomes also a space where the narrator and her virtual female characters (Ive decided to change all the name of the people I will write rough) interact with the spring chicken culture anonymously to expose the horrendous principles of the Arab society. It additionally acts as a prominent tool in shaping the feminines individualism.Lamees, for instance, teaches Gamrah how to set use of the internet which table services her to isolate herself from the bitter memories of Rashids betrayal With the help of Lamees, Gamrah got to know the world of chatting. Alsanea provokes the conventional Saudi community as Lamees plunges in the virtual world to such an extent that she can even figure out the dissimilarities between men in Riyadh and those of the eastern and western dutys guys from Riyadh are a little different than the eastern province boys, and theyre different from the western province and so it goes.Virtual communication and so reconstructs the existence of the wired Saudi girl beneath her abaya into an inquisitive connective of primitive culture and technology. Digital technology appropriates the literality of the Arab feminine personality as it enables her to show that she als o has a voice. As such, this Arab feminine jumble broadens democratic space in the society as a integral (Esfandiari, 2004). At the same time as the author connects orality with the internet, she deliberately underlines the real and the fictional.According to Ghadeer, this new mode of writing does non signify that Alsanea is discarding the old draw of recitation or suggesting its loss notwithstanding she uses this writing style to bring out the undeniable social taboos. This is evidenced as cyberspace readers respond to the prohibited subjects brought forward by Alsanea. The taboo issues as such become overtly discussed concerns. Um Nuwayyir, for ex group Ale, is thunderstruck when she is informed that her son is defining his sexual identity because hostile in the West to be homosexual in the Arab countries signals an utter calamity, an affection worse than cancer. The author dismantles the hypocritical attitudes toward homosexuality which she attests is a normal behaviour that should be accepted in any society and by so doing her work becomes a driving force against the traditional Arab community (Mubarak, 2011). In this way Alsanea thoroughly condemns the Islamic Arab communities and distinguishes them with Western civilization. Michelle, as evidence, perpetually laments about Riyadh for not being a city manage the West where Everyone was minding his own business. However as Nuwwayir ultimately identifies his masculinity the author unconsciously emphasizes that homosexuality has no place in a country like Riyadh where gender representation clay constantly stereotyped. It is likewise usurious as Alsanea depicts the persistence of constraints on the binary interaction between the 2 sexes in Riyadh even when they are out of country. To escape from her brokenheartedness Sadeem leaves for London where she becomes acquainted to Firas to whom she has to prove continuously that she is not of loose character since she does not wear the abaya and intera cts openly with men.Alsanea thenforth demonstrates that the severe conservative Arab rules top geography as tumesce. To some extent the Saudi girl is not really liberated even if she is far from her native land. This feminine narration consequently stirs the whole media as it overtly discusses how the girls impersonate the opposite sex by travelling without any male guardian and flourish sexual desires instead of confining their bodies to foggy corridors of old traditions and ancient taboos (Ghadeer).In short, it does not wholly share the view that charrhood is to man as butter is to sun. The novel also highlights issues which the society rejects and alleges that both sexes are prejudiced, thus protesting that Saudi Arabia is a fruit cocktail of social classes where no class ever mixes with another. Michelle, the half-American and half-Saudi girl, besides, cannot marry the man of her life as Faisals mother, who declares this relationship fruitless, rejects her. Similarly Ra shid is forced by his family to marry a Saudi girl instead of his Japanese girlfriend.Nevertheless by leaving the former for his girlfriend suggests a courageous move on the scoret of Rashid since unlike Faisal he draws criticism in a community whereby people are not authorized to date until married. Lamee likewise has to set forth her friendship with Fatimah simply because the Arab society does not favour Sunni-Shia interaction. The character of Um Nuwwayir in view of that is used as a pawn to the arc of the young lovers. Her house becomes a space where the hapless lovers transcends the regulation denying the potpourri of unmarried people Um Nuwayyirs place was the safe haven par excellence for sweethearts. It is noteworthy that, until the subject of marriage crops up, the respective relationship of Michelle-Faisal and Lamees-Firas remains secured. In other words, the author portrays wedding as a theme, which communicates the mental object that practically behind every matrim ony, lies the trend of incomplete lost love. As a result, at the end of the novel Sadeem marries her cousin Tariq not because she loves him but to avenge the two previous men who almost devastated her. Faisal as well marries out of compulsion while Michelle and Gamrah remain single and the experiences of her friends guide Lamees to moderate the right choice in her life.Among the four girls she is the unembellishedly the only one whose married life blossoms. As a matter of fact, as Clark in the work of Fiske (2005) explicates, the woman cannot fit choices to herself and the only option left to her is agreement, then enunciating her conforming nature. Gamrah, divorced and left with a child, has to face the hurdles of her society, shrinking, in secret and silently since the norms of the society does not permit her a second marriage. Clark hence stipulates, like the kitten her eye cannot help but follow the changeable movement of the objects surrounding her. Like all the Saudi girl s, the female characters moldiness content themselves with their cultures contradictory stances. Girls of Riyadh moreover reinforces the Orientalist stereotypes of the Arab women, every as the overtly eroticized, just like Sadeem whose erotic conduct is apparent as she strewed across the sofa, the candles placed here and there the black gown that revealed more of her body than it concealed , or as intensely sub callable women in the male dominated world, like Gamrah who has to live under the patriarchal rules.As the novel unravels, Alsanea nonetheless obliterates this orientalist perspective as she stresses that the Riyadh woman is not a sexual symbol or closeted in the palaces womens quarters(Mubarak). This is demystified as Michelle confronts Faisal by attending his wedding which depicts she is muscular enough to resist his betrayal and is not in need of his potent support. Similarly, Lamees weds someone of her own academic position which again delineates that she is not the opposite.Ultimately this proves that the hetero image of the women perceived by Orientalism is falsified as Fanon (1965) clarifies, It was the colonialists frenzy his seek to bring this woman within his re ach, to make her a mathematical object of possession. Throughout this essay, it is significant that the rules the Arab law transmits do not utterly correspond to the Islamic teachings which, Shands (2008) makes clear, have been misinterpreted as media generally tend to assess Islam in the light of the behaviour and actions of some Muslims. Likewise while the Riyadh society surrounds the woman in its suffocating grip, Islam conversely advocates the protection of woman on mens part. Esfandiari, in regard to this, articulates that the Islam practised in Nigeria or Saudi Arabia may not necessarily reciprocate to the Islam in Indonesia. Significantly the roles and privileges of women in any nation are the product of its specially history, culture, and political character. As illustration, despite being literate the Riyadh woman is not supposed to sign The sheikh says fingerprint, not signature.The men are the only ones who sign their names. This does not however means the same in other Arab countries like Egypt. This paper demonstrates that although Riyadh is compacted with severe regulations concerning the women, Alsanea overtly fights against them to reveal that her girls have the potential to enrich the society. Subsequently after confronting much obstacles the female characters identify their own individuality which push them to construct their advancement. They become the furrow with which any Saudi girl can modify the ethnical and social circumstances of any woman.In addition, the author reveals that the misrepresentation of the Arab woman is due to the failure of the Western literature to comprehend her. Literature should henceforth be adopted as a means to approach different cultures through the similarities and not differences (Shaheen, 2001 ). Bibliography Alsanea, Rajaa. (2007). Girls of Riyadh. impertinent York The Penguin Press Cooke, Miriam. (2001). Women Claim Islam. mod York Routledge Fiske, John. (2005). Cultural Studies. bare-assed York Routledge Fanon, Franz. (1965). A Dying Colonialism. United States of America Grove Press Mubarak, A. 2001). ordinal Century Arab Feminism a movement from Islamic to the Secular. An International daybook in English, pp 1-9 Sabbagh, Suha. (1996). Arab Women Between Defiance and Restrain. Canada Olive Branch Press Said, Edward. (1995). Orientalism. New York Penguin Shands, Kerstin. (2008). Neither East Nor West. Sweden Elanders Shaheen, J. (2001). Reel Bad Arabs How Hollywood Vilifies a People. New York New Olive Press Electronic Sources Bahry, L. (1982). The New Saudi woman Modernizing an Islamic Framework. Middle East Journal. Available From http//www. jstor. rg/discover/10. 2307/4326467? uid=3738640& deoxyadenosine monophosphateuid=2& angstromuid=4& deoxyadenosine monopho sphatesid=21101393752451 Last Accessed on 15. 11. 12 Booth, Marylin. (2010). The Muslim Woman as Celebrity Author and the Politics of Translating Arabic The Girls of Riyadh Go on the Road. Indiana University Press. Available From http//www. jstor. org/discover/10. 2979/MEW. 2010. 6. 3. 149? uid=3738640&uid=2&uid=4&sid=21101393752451 Last Accessed on 15. 11. 12 Doumato, E. (1992). Gender, Monarchy, and National Identity in Saudi Arabia. Taylor&Francis Ltd. Available From http//www. jstor. rg/discover/10. 2307/195431? uid=3738640&uid=2&uid=4&sid=21101394015801 Last Accessed on 15. 11. 12 Esfandiari, H. (2004). The Woman Question. Wilson Quarterly. Available From http//www. jstor. org/discover/10. 2307/40261249? uid=3738640&uid=2&uid=4&sid=21101393752451 Last Accessed on 15. 11. 12 Ghadeer, M. (2006). Girls of Riyadh A New technology or Chick Lit Defiance Girls of Riyadh. BRILL. Available From http//www. jstor. org/discover/10. 2307/4183570? uid=3738640&a mpuid=2&uid=4&sid=21101393752451 Last Accessed on 15. 11. 12

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The Innate Nature of Sin

The Innate Nature of Sin Nathaniel Hathorne was an source who consistently wrote about satires of the Puritan time. His short stories often revolved nearly themes of sin and how no unmatchable could escape from committing sin. The short stories The parsons Black head spread overing and Young Goodman Brown, written by Hawthorne, reflect these themes done elements of fiction, such as plot, setting, symbolism, and point of view. The sees Black Veil is about a towns minister of religion who walks into Sunday bend with a heinous low soft palate covering his face.The veil shields him from the sins of the ride out of the world, and the rest of the world from his sin. Young Goodman Brown is about a newly married man who leaves religious belief, his wife to follow a man into the forest, where damned Rituals occur. These Satanic Rituals atomic number 18 powered by the hatful Goodman Brown had in one case cognise to be the most religious. Through the elements of fiction, the s hort stories The Ministers Black Veil and Young Goodman Brown, show how in that location is no counselling for one escape from committing sin, no matter who they are. One of the stories Hawthorne writes is The Ministers Black Veil. The figment scars when a minster walks into his weekly Sunday speech with a veil that covers his face.. The veil is copn as symbolic with sin, because the minister has started to wear his sin on his face. He is shunned from the town, as people start to grow uncomfortable in his presence. The veil is a constant proctor of their sins as well. When the Minister goes to a funeral of a girl, he walks in with the veil and stoops down to the corpses level, and when by accident his face expose (just to the corpse) the corpse had slightly shuddered, rustling the shroud and muslin cap, though the countenance bear the composure of remnant. (Black Veil 337). When the corpse sees the face of the minister, it shudders in chemical reaction. This reaction gives hints about what may be behind the black veil. It shows that what is behind the black veil is so dark, and horrible that evening a dead automobile trunk has a reaction, and the only reaction a dead body potty grant is fear of what may be coming next. At its end, theres nothing the corpse can do about its flavour and how it was lived with or without sin. Seeing all the sin behind the veil fright the corpse, as it was a reflection of all the sin it could not drawn-out escape.All of its sin had caught up with the corpse as it lay in the coffin. because the Minister continued to make a sermon, praying that everybody be prepared for death when what is underneath the veil is revealed. This scene says that death is when all of ones sins come to catch up with them, and everything underneath the veil is revealed as they are judged before God. The veil, in this sense, can be anything as a cover for sin. For the Minister, it was a physical a piece of cloth that covered his face.For fo rmer(a)s it can be their personalities how they behave around others can wander others of their sin. After the funeral, the Minister goes to a wedding and just about hes about to take a sip of his wine, after wish the couple happiness, he sees his own reflection catching a glance of his figure in the looking-glass, the black veil involved his own olfactory property in the horror with which it overwhelmed all others. His frame shuddered his lips grew white he spilt the unaffected wine upon the carpet and rushed forth into the darkness. (Black Veil 338) In this scene, the Minister is, for the first time, seeing himself with the veil. His reaction is much similar to that of his folding fear.. Here, we see an element of fiction Symbolism. The veil is symbolic for sins the Minister has committed. When he sees this veil, hHe feels fear so much fear that he drops what he is belongings and flees. The fear of sin the veil ignites in him causes him to run, , as if to escape from t hem. He cannot let anyone see what he sees, as he is the only one who truly knows what his sins are.His sins are so frightening because he knows that at long last he leave alone be accountable for every single one, and the veil will one day be pulled off. Even he, the Minister of the church, cannot escape from his sin, and eventually at death, everyones sins will catch up with him or her At that point, there is nowhere to run. The next story, Young Goodman Brown, is about a junior man who is leaving his wife to go meet roughone in the forests. He meets a man, who looks like an older version of himself, (actually the devil) and tells him that he wishes to go back to his village.He tells the man, his family was full of good Christians, and that he is ashamed to be associated with the devil. As he tells the teras that he has to follow a different path, the the Tempter responds Well Goodman Brown I have been as well acquaint with your family as with ever a one among the Puritans and that is no trifle to say. (Hawthorne 326) When the reprimand says this, Goodman Brown gets confused He believed his family to be of one of the most religious, and to see them associate themselves with the devil seems to be a lie. He believes that there must(prenominal) be rumors about his family.He cant accept the fact that his father, and grandfather, who were known to be pious people, associated themselves with the Devil of all people. Goodman Brown waves off some people the Devil names, saying that they choose their own path. Then he says to the Devil that he would not be able to talk to the Minister of Salem Village if he were to go on. The Devils answer to this is Thus far the elder traveler had listened with due gravity alone now burst into a fit if irrepressible mirth, shaking himself so violently that his snakelike staff actually seemed to wriggle in sympathy. (Hawthorne 327) Here, the Devil bursts into laughter when Goodman Brown suggests the Minister is a good Chr istian man. Goodman brown is offended at the man for proving all of his acquaintances wrong. He learns in this story that nonexistence, not even his good little Faith, can escape the Devil. His father, grandfather, the Minister, and Faith have all be revealed to be following the Devil, and its something he cannot escape. In Conclusion, both short stories, Young Goodman Brown and The Ministers Black Veil by Nathaniel Hawthorn, reveal the inevitable sin of the people we trust the most.It shows us that nobody can escape sin, and its unlearned of human nature. When the towns people first see the Minister with his veil, their reactions are all of shock and fear. During his first sermon with the veil separately member of the congregation, the most innocent girl, and the man of hardened breast, tangle as if the preacher had crept upon them behind his awful veil and discovered their hoarded iniquity of turn or thought. (Hawthorne 336) Here, Hawthorne is describing the effect the veil had on the people of that town.Everybody who was at the sermon felt as though Minister Hooper had crept up to them, and discovered their sins of actions, and their sins of thoughts. It says even the most innocent girl felt her sins being discovered. This quote states that nobody can escape from sin, despite trying your hardest. The innocent girl should have been free of sins, but she feels the fear of her sins being unveiled just as everyone else. The fact that the Minister came into the sermon with his sins on his face, people actually felt fear and power from his sermon.

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Women as Crime Victims

It is my belief that everyone has been affected by criminal offense sometime in their life. Crime is inevitable because evil is in the hu homophile nature. While this is the case, women tip to experience more violent crimes because they atomic number 18 unwilling or uneffective to defend themselves appropriately against their attackers. It is a common fear among women of organism informally assaulted, raped, abused, or being the victim of any crime because of their inability to bandstand up for themselves because of being the weaker sex.While it is true that women have been the victims of other crimes, these 3 ar especially dreaded because of the nature of the crime and the consequences of being the victim. at that place are many programs that focus on pr levelting craze against women as come up as studies being performed in order to reduce the amount of women befitting victims of crime. These studies are important and may prevent some women from the experience of being a victim however, ultimately does not eliminate violence against women. cake needs to begin from parents to the child magical spell they are young. This can encourage give the child a structure in which to follow as an adult and provide future skills to help prevent them from becoming victims of violence. In an article by Pat brown, she states, It is imperative that you understand the world of psychopaths and criminals how they think, where they lurk, and how they allure and grab victims (Brown, 2012, p. 50). She further goes on about a letter she legitimate after a television interview.Browns article compose the letter (2012) I just saw you on The Today Show oration about a recent tragedy involving the violent murder of a recent high school graduate by, police believe, her boyfriend In that interview you spoke directly to girls who have recently broken up with their partner, advising that if that partner requests a meeting post-breakup that it not be done in camera because t he partner is counting on the fact that shes nice and will withstand to meet. I cant agree with you enough I fear, however, that wein particular womendont actually teach our girls that its authorize to refuse that one last time or that its okay and likely refreshful to break up in a humanity place or over the phone even, when ones partner exhibits dangerous traits. Moreover, we dont even do a good art of teaching our girls how, in the depths of teenage love, to spot the subtle signs that scream danger. Nor do we teach them how to put delivery to those gut instincts that tell us something is amiss with our partner and relationship, or, simply, that we deserve ruin than what weve been experiencing in the relationship at hand.We do, however, do a great job of teaching them that its important to be nice, understanding, caring, and nurturing without also teaching them to be wise and deeply instinctual, as though the former and latter attributes are inversely exclusive. (p. 50 ) This cleaning woman is absolutely correct in my opinion. We need to educate our children while they are young on ways to prevent becoming a victim to crime. Women especially need to be aware of signs of domestic violence, dubious behaviors, risky behavior and potential situations that can put them in constipations way. Women are more prone to sexually derived crimes like sexual assault and rape.Although these crimes can also happen to men, I believe that women are more often the target of this type of crime because women tend to be the weaker sex and are more easily overpowered by a mans strength. According to our text, the majority of all womens non-fatal victimizations are perpetrate by someone the woman knows. In addition, one-third of all women homicide victims are murdered by intimate partners compared to 5% of men (Northern Arizona University, 2009, p. 142). These statistics are a harsh reality that we as women need to recognize, realize and school for.Considering sexua lly derived crimes as one of the most horrific kind of crime out there, we need to begin to spread awareness on how to harbor ourselves. This day in age it is important that every adult woman know how to fire a gun as well as simple life saving techniques for survival when being attacked. After all, violence will continue, and according to Bindel, Violence against women is an international epidemic. It has been identified by the earthly concern Health Organization as a grave health issue, alter more people than HIV and Aids (Bindel, 2010, p. 38).References Bindel, Julie. 2010. A weapon against fractional the world. New Statesman 139, no. 4991 38-39. academician Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed July 1, 2013). Brown P. economy Your Daughters Life. USA Today Magazine serial online. November 2012141(2810)50-51. Available from Academic Search Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed July 1, 2013. Northern Arizona University. (2009). Investigating difference Human and pagan relations in criminal justice. Upper Saddle River, N.J Pearson Prentice Hall.

Abc Apparel Case

ABC Apparel Case Questions 1 What are the respective amounts and percentages of Materials, beat back, operating qualified and Other in total COGS for ABC? * Illustrate on an stick out pie chart showing amounts and percentages for separately slice. pic 2 What percentage of total COGS is delineate by what Mr. Price c wholeed full package (purchased finished goods)? Finished Garments instance $647 Million. This assumes the purchased finished goods ar e supplied onus and duty paid otherwise, applicable freight and duty costs would have to be added.Note that not all freight and duty can be added to this category, since freight and duty must withal support the owned supply kitchen stove operations. $647 / $2528 = 25. 6% 3 Where do you see the largest opportunities for cost reduction? List your Top 3, with strategies to pursue each one. * Explain your selections. Purchase legal injury or cost of supply (TCO) reductions in purchased finished goods. At 38% of COGS, these represent the largest single opportunity for cost management / reduction. Material worth reductions (30% of COGS) through supply chain procural practices. Other Costs. Freight and Duty represent almost 10% of COGS, which is believably ripe for improvement. Evaluate reducing carriers from 4-5 to fewer. repulse At 20%, Labor is a substantial percentage of cost but has probably already given up the low hanging cost fruit in the relocation to offshore geography, and would probably be difficult to further reduce. 4 Which functional areas would you prioritize in your cost reduction efforts? Why? adjacent the same priorities in Question 3 Purchase price or cost of supply (TCO) reductions in purchased finished goods. Apply supply chain procurement practices such as negotiated price reductions, reverse auctions, global sourcing, stooge costing, centralizing procurement, spend analysis or supplier rationalization. Material price reductions. Apply supply chain procurement practices such as negotiated price reductions, reverse auctions, global sourcing, target costing, centralizing procurement, spend analysis or supplier rationalization. Other Costs Reduction.Freight and Duty represent almost 10% of COGS, which is probably ripe for improvement. Labor Cost Reduction. At 20%, Labor is a substantial percentage of cost but has probably already given up the low hanging cost fruit in the relocation to offsho re geography, and would probably be difficult to further reduce. 5 Which internal manufacturing processes would you prioritize for improvement? Why? Evaluate moving the cloth manufacturing processes (yarn through Fabric Finishing) from US to offshore, preferably close to the cutting operations.If the fall upon materials could be sourced in-region, this would eliminate the cost, risk and be given time of shipping these products from the US to Central America / Caribbean, reducing the high freight costs. Evaluate provider Relationship Management programs with Asia cloak suppliers. Objective would be to fully spot and reduce hidden costs of supply from this region through cooperative problem-solving and joint incentives (gainsharing) for improved performance. Pursue lead time reductions and reduced lead time variability through improved logistics practices. Seek use of technologies to get wind logistics wait times and unplanned delays.Consider use of a 3PL to b ecome responsible for coordinating all Western Hemisphere logistics, negotiating with the major carriers to reduce costs, pre-clearing all shipments through customs, etc. 6 What is the ratio of internal manufacturing cost to purchased garment cost? Ratio, internal to external costs 275% Internal $1,881 External $647 7 Assuming a SG&038A rate of 24% and a rough margin of 35%, what annual revenue would you estimate for ABC? specify your calculations. pic 8 What is ABCs net profit margin, in dollars and percent? 11% $428 9 What is ABCs profit leverage effect of reducing purchased decimal point costs? How much additional revenue would be required to equal a 5% reduction in purchased prices paid? pic 5% of 1404 = $70 Million. So, reducing purchased costs by 5% reduces COGS and increases profit by $70M. To chip in an equivalent increase through sales, sales must increase by ($70/. 35) = $200 Mil lion (6%).

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Rfid in Walmart Essay

In June 2003 Wal-Mart get-go announced its plan to implement RFID technology in its emerge train by January 2005 this caught mevery of the suppliers unaw bes. Though the plans envisaged compliance from the top 100 suppliers, nigh 129 suppliers jumped into the fray, afraid of being left behind in the race. RFID technology was invented in 1969 and patented in 1973 after thirty long years WalMart has demanded its implementation. Expectations atomic number 18 high, unfortunately RFID technology is still in its infant s tracke. In November 2003, Wal-Mart in one carapace once more asserted its sine qua nons.The following were explicitly spelt out 1. What the EPC (Electronic return Code) would be, 2. What class of chips they would accept, and 3. Which distribution centres would start accepting RFID deliveries. Much has happened since then. To its suppliers, Wal-Mart has spelt the requirement of 96-bit EPC with a Global Trade Identification number, which is an international standard . The notes are judge to operate in ultrahigh frequency spectrum (868 MHz to 956 MHz). The plan is to standardize the categorize 1 Version 2 of the EPC specification RFIDJournal. Com.The EPC global, a joint endanger between Uniform Code Council and EAN (European Article Number) International, is developing this particular standard. This tag testament carry the 96-bit serial publication number and give be field-programmable. This will enable the suppliers to write serial numbers to the tags, when they apply the tags to the products. The EPC-compliant tags in UHF band consists of 1. EPC data format on 2. One of the existing converse protocols, Class1 or Class0 two main the parts chip Note Class0 and Class1 specifications differ. Class0 is a factory programmable tag while Class1 permits the end users to write a serial number on it.They are non interoperable. A multi-protocol reader is required to read some(prenominal) tags. The Class1 Version2 that is being pursued is expect ed to incorporate both specifications of Class0 and Class1. This Version2 will be a glob solelyy accepted protocol. As of now Wal-Mart is already tracking pallets and cases from suppliers coming to one distribution centre. The plan is to flip ones lid to other suppliers soon and roll out the technology regionally crossways the US . By the end of this year, the intention is to track all pallets, and cases of all products from the top 100 US suppliers, and by late 2006, from all US suppliers.Wal-Mart will then begin rolling the technology out internationally. The change magnitude demand has already set Manhattan Associates working on new software package that will allow companies to plug RFID technology to warehouse management system, on all platforms. Wal-Mart dreams of achieving a great RFID enabled, fool proof, error free, transparent supply chain. To this end, RFID readers are being installed at distribution centres and lineages and buying equipment for printing tags. The o utlay of investments in new technology every year will be covered in the normal capital budgetWhy WalMart is adopting RFID? The practical application of RFID deeper into sell operations than case or pallet- direct tracking is not unfeignedly an Asset Protection driven proposal. The ability to better track SKU level items, smooth out merchandise flow, and prevent out-of-stocks while eliminating non-productive, avail-draining overstock situations is a main tenant of retail. The better Walmart, or anyone passel get at doing that, the much control they have in their merchandise investment and the more profit can be squeezed from each dollar invested.With improved profit to investment ratios along with cost-controlling measures such as improved productivity for computer storage level associates, a company can use the gain to au revoir on in savings to their clients, which is the real secret to success. Asset protective cover will benefit from the improved operations as well. Shr ink is unac numbered for invested dollars. A retailer invests in merchandise to sell and somewhere along the jumper lead from factory to store it is lost, somemagazines physically, sometimes in the handling and history process.The ability to quickly verify actual quantities of items in a store not only enables the retailer to replenish the stock at the skilful rate of sale, it alike eliminates countless hours of searching for the products in backrooms, overstock cuffes, risers and any number of other places merchandise finds to hide in a store. When the count is exact as the product is received, matches the invoice with precision, and is then accurately bring in until it is sold, shrink can theoretically become just a gravely memory. There is still theft to consider, however RFID moroseers some improvements in that discover as well.The key is real-time neckledge of the status of key merchandise. Associates can react to missing one item, instead of hundreds or thousands of dollars worth, before they know in that respect is a problem. Concerns have been expressed over hiding and tags could be used to identify concealed items, but that is not the path to success. If you clutches to react to a theft, you still must(prenominal) deal with the situation and there are several pitfalls in apprehending shoplifters and processing internal theft situations. So the bottom line is that it is about immediately identifying loss and taking active measures to prevent further loss.To those expressing concern over the proliferation of technology like RFID in retail, the challenge is to keep the concerns on a productive level. Retailers are not motivated by big brother-like intentions. They are striving to become as efficient as possible in their operation to shave off every non-productive penny invested. It is how they can beat their competition in set giving the consumer the benefit of lower prices and the shareholders the benefit of improved profits. There are r eal concerns relative to unintended consequences of the misuse of technology.Creating a personalized customer profile is a tempting marketing strategy. Imagine knowing exactly what every customer who comes in the doors wants to buy, maybe even before they do. Questions of privacy must be addressed openly and a retailer must make efforts to prevent the misuse of data. This new era is where the victor retail LP leader can make a significant contribution. One day, silver registers may be obsolete. Currency could be exchanged virtually and disposed directly to people through some kind of biometric authorization.The role of the LP professional will look much different when that day arrives. Getting from where we are to that point will be an interesting ride. WalMart and RFID The Test Phase From sign experiences of roll out of EPC in select distribution warehouses and stores, there is reliance that the concept will be a long-term success. Experiments with various tag types and tag p lacements are underway to see how they impact readability on various products in a non-laboratory environment. Goods shipped to the stores with RFID tags are recorded once at their reach .By simply waving the scanner at the boxes they are able to know what is inside without having to open anything. Even before the arrival it is possible to know where everything is, which helps to reduce loss during shipment. The tags are read again before they are brought to the sales floor , no reader is installed at the sales point, though. They are read finally at a box crusher after all the items in the case have been put on the store shelves. Their software monitors the different items sold to the customers and the number of cases brought to the sales floor.This generates the teaching which items will soon be depleted from the shelves? Automatically, almost instantly, a count is generated of items that need to be picked from the backroom to replenish the store shelves. To reduce the amount of time spent at the backroom Wal-Mart has developed a handheld RFID reader. This acts as a kind of Geiger counter that beeps when a worker gets close to the item he or she needs to pick. It is intended to initially provide this in the victor seven stores and then deploy them in rest of the 140 stores in a phased manner during the year.Wal-Mart has also established a retail link extranet with all its suppliers. This enables them to share data from all RFID read points with their suppliers. When a case is brought out to the sales floor, the status reads Q being put on the shelves , when at the trash compactor the status changes to Q on shelf . Thus within 30 minutes the suppliers get updated on the movement and location of their goods. Suppliers are also learning how to match tags with products and where to place tags for optimum readability. This initial experience will keep them ahead of their competitors.

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From being a maintenance planner at BMW

From cosmos a maintenance planner at BMW , Norbert Reithofer was equal to(p) to work his way up to being the head of performance, and finally to being the companys chief executive.Judging from his associates, his ability to build his network of alliances is indubitable. For example, the cause CEO and now chief of BMWs supervisory board is Joachim Milberg who was very Reithofers thesis adviser in graduate school.This does not say, however that Reithofers ability to make alliances is limited to the top level. In 2002, he was able to halve the time requirement for full production of the next-generation third series from 6 months to three, with Burkhard Goeschel, BMWs Development Chief.The increased level of production did not compromise the cars quality, as skeptics would like to think. Reithofer and Goeschel was able to assemble a team of R&D who worked for three years. From its introduction in March, none of the produced cars were reported to have any quality problems. Reitho fer believes that managers should be image models and should work together.Being the CEO, Roethofer will seek to keep the managers and workers to stay ahead. At present, he is expecting brands like Toyotas Lexus and Nissans Infinti to set up plants in europium and work on building BMW-like cars.

Designing a radio frequency controlled robot platform

IntroductionPresents, receiving set communicating engineering has been hand out outing quickly. It is Coperni chamberpot part to human being as the duration among each other become shorter because of these radio engineerings, such as Radio frequency, Microwave, Bluetooth, LAN and WIFI engineerings. Wireless communicating gismos argon inhering to human being lives as people use to pass on with other by utilizing cordless phones and other radio devices. Besides that, wireless frequency devices be being applied in infirmary or a nursing place for monitoring of patients, and similarly the radio mouse, keyboards for figuring machine countries and robotics every bit good.Since the radio communicating engineering is important and indispensable to human lives, so the wireless frequence technique has been chosen as the robot upstage control in order to timber into and use this engineering. The wireless frequence technique uses on this proletariat entirely non other radio engi neerings because it has the suited infection orbital cavity and more upright than other techniques. For illustration, infrared technique requires ratify transmit in path with unobstructed between the transmitter and receiving system.Radio frequence technique applies on this undertaking for conveying the signal sent by user from s ender to robot s receiving system in order to command the divergence waies of zombi spirit, such as croak frontward, rearward, left or right. The scope between RF sender and receiving system is based on the frequence of its faculty. tall frequence RF faculty go out hold farther transmittal scope and RF range from 100 kilohertzs to 1 GHz. It is propagating along the come or contemplation from the ionosphere so reaches the receiving system.The wireless frequence controlled robot plan motions non merely command by RF remote control, but besides obstacle spotting elements. Two supersonic demodulators are installed on the forepart and dorsum o f zombi spirit to move as obstruction sensors to fend off obstruction in the word form set by the restrainer. Furthermore, a characterisation ( Peripheral porthole Controller ) is apply to command the turning steering of gets which the automaton wheels by determines RF and supersonic detector signals. When there is an obstruction in the class set of automaton, automaton result halt, so LED on automaton platform give illume on and the doorbell leave alone makes a warning sound to bespeak accountant to alter the going way of automaton.AimThe purpose of the undertaking is to plan a RF ( Radio Frequency ) Controlled Robot Platform which the going way of automaton is controlled by RF remote control within a peculiar scope without the practise of electrical music directors. Besides that, detectors will be installed to move as an obstruction sensor of this automaton to do certain it merchantman avoid obstructions in the class set by the accountant. Furthermore, a micro accoun tant will be utilize to command and to implements the operation by abstract the signal receives from far-flung control and detectors. For this undertaking, it involves larning to utilize detectors, Peripheral Interface Controllers and larning its programing every bit good.BACKGROUND LITERATUREA PIC microcontroller is use to move as a control Centre of the automaton as it has computation, entrepot and I/O maps. By utilizing PIC, C scheduling or throng linguistic communications accomplishments are required as microcontroller operations are based on the package programming to implement the undertakings. The PIC16F76 1 has been chosen as the microcontroller of this undertaking as it has several particular pins and characteristics that suits for this undertaking demands such asO PIC16F76 has a entire simulacrum of 28 pins. It is make up of three I/O ports ( Port A, B and C ) which has a 22 I/O pins in sum.O In I/O port A, there are five enter channels of 8-bit Analog-to-Digital faculty which chuck up the sponges transition of an parallel arousal signal to a corresponding 8-bit digital figure that is helpful in analysis the signal transmits from RF receiving system.O Two PWM ( Pulse Width Modulation ) get under ones skin/Compare pins those are good in control the velocity and on/off of the DC motor by puting PWM responsibility rhythm.O SCL and SDA pins offer pass on with supersonic straight.An supersonic is a type of detector that uses to bring forth high frequence ( above 20 kilocycle per second ) sound wave pulsations and detects an object by construing the reverberations signal from its sound sorrowful ridge pulsation. The sound moving ridge pulsations are going in one way, when it detects an object, the echoed signal will be reflected back to the transducer of the supersonic detector. The scope from detector to object is able to find by ciphering the continuance of snippet between the comminuted the sound wave pulse detects the object and hab ilitate for the echoed signal to return back to detector. When detector detects an object, it will trip a signal and sends it to PIC.Supersonic detector is good in observing liquids, panoptical objects and irregularly molded objects. Therefore, it has been chosen to move as an obstruction sensor of this undertaking instead than other detectors. Besides that, supersonic detector has a higher sensing scope and the reflected signal does non affected by the issue and colour of objects. The supersonic detector SRF08 2 is a high macrocosm presentation supersonic scope finder with a scope from 3cm to 6m. The communicating between SRF08 with microcontroller is via I2C coach. The I2C coach consists of 2 busy wires and a land. Bi-directional SDA and SCL are the active coachs. SDA is Serial Data agate line and SCL is Consecutive Clock line, both of them hold up a pull-up resistance to +5v someplace on I2C coach. SRF08 is ever a slave neer a coach maestro.For the wireless frequence remo te control, the wireless wave signal can go through rough or through the object, such as wood, glass, walls and other stuffs. The advantages of utilizing wireless frequence remote control are, signal transmits range farther than infrared distant control and signal does non necessitate to be transmitted in line to receiver. The disadvantage of utilizing wireless moving ridges to convey signal is, signal will be affected by the presence electromagnetic intervention in the environment. A RF faculty 3 ( TWS-434 and RWS-434 ) has transmitter frequence 433.92 megacycle when it end crop is 8mW with a scope of about 200 understructure for indoors and 400 pes for out-of-doorss. It is ability to accept both digital and analogue inputs. Operating electromotive force is 1.5 to 12 volts-DC. For the RWS-434 receiving system, it is besides operates at the equivalent frequence which is 433.92 MHz and a sensitiveness of 3uV. The receiving system has both additive and digital end products and trial set outing electromotive force from 4.5 to 5.5 volts-DC supply.Two DC gear motors are installed on the automaton platform as the motor thrusts ( wheels of automaton ) . The EMG30 4 motor is a DC motor with encoder. Encoder is used to tracking the figure of revolutions and the place of motor. The rated electromotive force of this motor is 12v. These are the characteristics of EMG30 DC motorO No burden velocity 216 revolutions per minuteO No fill current 150 maO Rated torsion 1.5 kg/cmO Rated current 530 maO Rated velocity 170 revolutions per minuteO Rated end product 4.22 WThe motor shaft can be rotated in ii waies that clockwise or counter-clockwise way. Therefore, the automaton moves frontward or rearward merely inversing the mutual opposition of the situation supply of the DC motor. The turning operation makes by holding two wheels turning in different waies at the very(prenominal) time. This motor has anteroom detectors 5 every bit good. A hall detector varies i ts end product electromotive force in response to alterations in magnetic field, it used for placement and velocity sensing applications of this undertaking.An H-bridge is a cardinal shift elements device which enables a electromotive force to be applied across the motor or burden in merely one way. It is utilizing to move as a motor control band that allow DC motor to run forwards and backwards by providing the electromotive force to different switches. An H-bridge is built with four switches. When the switches S1 and S4 are closed, S2 and S3 are unfastened a positive electromotive force will be applied across the motor. The electromotive force will be in the reversed way by opening S1 and S4 switches, shuting S2 and S3 switches. The H-bridge is by and large used to change by reversal the mutual opposition of the motor, but it can be besides used to halt the motor or to allow the motor run freely. Switches S1 and S2 or S3 and S4 should non be closed at the analogous clip as it w ill do a short turn on the input electromotive force. L298 6 is a high electromotive force and high current double full-bridge driver. The chief intent of L298 is to move as a motor accountant to command the rotate way of DC motor harmonizing to the end product electromotive force from PIC.It is taken from mention of H-bridges Theory and approach pattern , available from hypertext transportationence protocol // of the motor1001Motor moves right0110Motor moves left0000Motor free tallies0101Motor brakes1010Motor brakesWORK doIn the past few hebdomads, a batch of consideration and enquiry undertakings have been done. For illustration, the extension incur of wireless frequence, and besides the working rule of H-bridge motor control and PWM. Some tutorials that helpful and related to the PIC scheduling have been read as good. On the other manus, all the constituents of this undertaking have been decided after rea ding the datasheets of each constituent. At the same clip, automaton platform has been intentional and sent to the mechanical s workshop in order to cut metal home base into the designed form. Furthermore, the pin connexions between the PIC, detectors and motors have been decided after reading datasheets of constituents and PIC. So far, the advancement of this undertaking is on the measure of circuit conventional conniving and larning the package scheduling of PIC undertakings. crepuscule 1 Seriess connected with a 10kI resistance to +5v DC supply.Pins 2 &038 A 3 block up product ports for LEDs.Pins 5 &038 A 7 to move as inputs from shaft encodes of motor.Pin 8 marry to land.Pin 9 &038 A 10 Connect to a parallel crystal 4 MHz and two serial publication 33 pF capacitances with land.Pins 12 &038 A 13 PWM outputs connect to the H-bridge.Pins 14 &038 A 15 I/O ports of I2C lines connect to the supersonic detectors.Pin 18 End product port for doorbell.Pins 25 &038 A 26 End prod uct signals connect to H-bridge.Pins 21, 22, 23 and 24 Act as input ports from RF receiving system.Advancement AND PlanNow, it is on the measure of larning package scheduling and circuit conventional designing undertakings, but it is a small spot hold up due to the clip disbursement on the undertaking less than undertaking program for past few hebdomads, since I was busy in fashioning other faculty s assignments and could non make up ones mind the constituents on clip.On the following semester, the clip disbursement on this undertaking will be more than the novice program in order to gimp up the advancement that has been planned as undertaking program. These are the major(ip) undertakings that will transport out consequently on the undermentioned semester1. RF faculty proving.2. Supersonic faculty testing.3. DC motor testing.4. PCB circuit design.5. PCB etching and soldering of constituents.6. Prototype theoretical account building.7. Trial and seek run the automaton system to m odify the scheduling of PIC.8. Troubleshooting and debugging.9. Test overall functionality.On the undermentioned semester, the clip disbursement on making this undertaking will be 18 hours per hebdomad.The item agenda of this undertaking has been shown on the Gantt chart.List OF rootageBookDEVENDRA K. MISRA, Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits , Printed in the unify States of America, By fundament Wiley &038 A Sons, Inc, 2001.Newton C. Braga, Roboticss, Mechatronics, and Artificial Intelligence, Experimental Circuit Blocks for Designers , Printed in the United States of America, By Newnes Boston Oxford Auckland Johannesburg Melbourne New Delhi, 2002.InternetRichard J. Valentine, Motor Control Electronics Handbook , Printed in the United States of America, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. , accessed by 30th October 2009, E-book, available fromhypertext transfer protocol // id=kLZL5hTsVIYC &038 A printsec=frontcover &038 A source=gbs_ navlinks_s v=onepage &038 A q= &038 A f= imitationJim Brown, Brief H-BRIDGE THEORY OF OPERATION , Written at April 1998, accessed by inaugural November 2009, available from hypertext transfer protocol // McManis, H-bridges Theory and Practice , accessed by 1st November 2009, available from hypertext transfer protocol // Verle, PIC Microcontrollers , mikroElektronika 1st edition, Written at 2008, accessed by 25th November 2009, available from hypertext transfer protocol // Matic, Programing PIC Microcontroller in BASIC , mikroElektronika, Chapter 6 PWM Module, accessed by 1st December 2009, available from hypertext transfer protocol // 6.5Chuck McManis, H-bridges Theory and Practice , accessed by 1st November 2009, available from hypertext transfer protocol // utorial/h-bridge/Bibliography 1 PIC16F7X Data Sheet28/40-Pin, 8-bit CMOS FLASH Microcontroller, By Microchip Technology, Inc. , 2002.hypertext transfer protocol // 2 SRF08 High Performance Ultrasonic Range Finder, By Acroname, Inc. , 1994-2009.hypertext transfer protocol // transfer protocol // 3 Radio Frequency Module ( TWS-434 and RWS-434 ) Data Sheet, By Rentron Electronic.hypertext transfer protocol // 4 DC Gear motor ( EMG 30 ) Data Sheet, By transfer protocol // 5 Hall Sensor Principles, By transfer protocol // 6 L298 H-Bridge Data Sheet, By STMicroelectronics.hypertext transfer protocol // liter ature/ds/1773.pdf

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A Clean And Healthy Environment Essay

A clean and healthy environment is part and part of the wealth and lineament of life that we desire for ourselves now and for our children in the time to come. hoi polloi demand that the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the food they eat is free of taint and contaminants they want to live undisturbed by noise, and they want to enjoy the sweetheart of the countryside, unspoiled coastlines and mountain atomic number 18as. They also want a world that is not threatened by climate change. Healthy and balanced natural systems be essential for supporting life on this planet. Society relies on temperament to provide us with the resources for our survival air, water, food, fibers, medicines, and building materials. Children need to grow up aware of the nature around them. As human beings we have a responsibility to preserve the actual value of nature both for ourselves and for future generations.In recent decades, there has been a growing realization that the quality of ou r air, water, soil, and food affect the quality of our health and of our lives. This ranges from increased allergies, respiratory disease, and cancers to the unhinge of the bodys hormone and fertility systems, and premature death. The causes of our various environment-health problems are numerous and include pollution from transport, agricultural activities, industrial processes, domestic wild matter and waste management. The scientific researches, conducted over centuries, show that the pollution of the tune reached its top. The contaminants in the air have a negative impact on the health of children, as well as adults. Our respiratory organs, our vision, and our hearing are damaged because of the high amounts of contaminants in the air, water, and soil. A substantial number of masses have conditions such as asthma, other respiratory problems or difficulties with surplus organs of the body.

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Op-Ed Summary

Summary take upt Blame the Eater The Op-Ed piece, Dont Blame the Eater, by David Zinczenko talks about the issue of fleshiness in America and whose accuse it really is, the consumeer or the people providing the food. His contract on the equal to(p) is that it is the industries fault for the obesity in America and not the peoples fault because determination an alternative to consume cheap food on the go is nigh impossible. He consumes an example of himself right in the third paragraph, explaining how his mom had to thrash long hours to pay the bills and his choices for food were pizza hut or KFC because that was the all affordable choice for him.He also employs a muss of logos in the following paragraphs by mentioning statistics on the matter of diabetes, and the amount of money pose into tr haveing it as the years progress. Shooting d take opposing arguments also plays a factor in Zinczenkos es claim when he asks the reader shouldnt we know better than to eat two meals a day in fast-food restaurants? He states that this is one argument, but then makes the point of where are consumers, specially teenagers, supposed to find alternatives.He also introduces the concept of not knowing all information on the food that we are consuming, and the misleading advertising in fast food products where certain healthy foods are really beneficial masked by misleading serving sizes and lack of dressing and noodles and almonds for hypothesise a healthy salad. I believe he sums up his raise by saying that the companies should be sued for not having these warning labels the analogous focussing tobacco companies are. Overall it is their fault and not as ridiculous as it seems.Summary What You Eat Is Your Business What You Eat Is Your Business, is an Op-Ed piece on the same national but from a different, and in my opinion more agreeable, perspective. His claim is about opposite from Zinczenkos in that he believes that it is our responsibility to take commiss ion of our protest bodies kinda than the food industries. He phrases it nicely when he mentions livery government between you and your waistline, which is essentially what Zinczenko argued for.He says how this is the wrong way to fight obesity, that rather of manipulating what is available to us and how it is available to us, we should instead foster a wiz of responsibility in our own health and well being. I gauge what he is basically saying is that we are honorable pointing fingers at what is our own faults, and that when the government acts for us, they are only acting for the public numbers rather than for the people themselves. Balko also mentions that by doing this, and having the government intervene, we rush less fillip to actually put down what is causing our heart attacks.He employs ethos when he mentions call in New York Times magazines and specials on TVs that claim for government intervention. What I managed about this Op-Ed piece is that it makes sense and obesity should not even be in the public health concern. after all it is only there because we devour to pay for the consequences of it. He provides his own stand and sticks firmly to it providing us with what he thinks would be best. The insurance companies should proceeds healthy livelinessstyles and penalize poor ones, not raise all our premiums because the ordain of heart attacks are rising because the government is taking the wrong route.It is our responsibility to diet, exercise, and worry about ourselves. Response to Both I think I take a clear favorite out of the two essays. The heartbeat one works for me better because I already had a stall on the topic. The first op-ed says that it is the governments fault for providing such cheap, unknown products that seem to be our only option when it comes to eating. I think this is a ridiculous argument. It sure enough is not our only choice in eating out that just sounds like an excuse to me. The people like the food, so they keep eating it instead of looking for an alternative, and then point fingers.Sure there is diabetes and a lot of money put into treating it, but in the end the root of the bother is those people eating those foods and then making up excuses for it. This is why I agree with the second essay more. People have the ability to say no, they have the ability to look for healthier food at the same prices. They can pick up the food they are eating, and look at the nutrition facts, and look at the serving sizes. Its not like you dont see people living healthy life styles in the same economically classes.You dont need to alcoholism soda, in fact, water is free. Even if it were true that some things did not have nutritional facts on them, dont you think you shouldnt eat it then, or even if that was the case, cant people use their customary sense? Obviously the bucket of fried chicken glistening in trans fat is not going to harm your coronary artery in any way. In fact, a majority of people t hese days have smart phones, they wont hesitate to look up the warm McDonalds, but how about looking up some nutritional facts on it, or reading about how to live a healthy lifestyle.Balko is right, what you eat is your business, stop turning to the government and telling them its their fault they need to make you skinny. No they dont, you need to stop fueling McDonalds, stop allow them think its okay to serve fries that never spoil because you claim they are the best fries youve ever had. It is your responsibility to diet, and exercise, and eat right, determination healthy food is not impossible, stop kidding yourselves.

Causes of Car Accidents

Causes of gondola slashs Car chances can happen to device drivers anytime, anywhere. According to the National safety device Council, which stated that much than 2. 5 million contacts back ein truth year, devising it the most common type of elevator car accidents, it is also known that the accident rear end as incidents of injury, because the nature of the collision leads often in whiplash injury the driver in the car in count and well-nigh 20% of people who participated in a rear collision injury symptoms of this kind. , (NHTSA, auto-accident-resource. com). Among the car accidents, the teenage mathematical group is the only age group who is number of deaths is increasing instead of decreasing. Also, all the people are undefendable to risk and actually every one of them has got car accident at least once that could have been easily prevented. There are umteen a nonher(prenominal) another(prenominal) sympathys car accidents happen such as drunken drivers, using cellula r phones bandage whimsical force, and teenage drivers. First reason is drinking and driving which is the take cause of car accidents. Over 1. 1 million drivers were arrested in 2010 for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, (Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime in the join States 2010, madd. org). Also, drunk driving costs the United States $132 billion a year , (NHTS FARS data, 2012, madd. org). Driving while intoxicated is dangerous, because drinking increases your inhibitions and self-confidence save lowers your driving performance. In other words, alcohol impairs the decision-making ability of the brain. For example, when people put drunk, they do not even think they are drunk.They may step like they can do anything. But they cannot. Many accidents occur because of drinking. These accidents assume mostly one car, but other people can be killed by drunk drivers. People have to be educated about drinking and driving, so they do not kill themselves or rig hteous people on the road. Second reason, using cell phones while driving causes car accidents. According to the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, 2,600 people died in 2004 and 330,000 more were injured while using cell phones just before an accident. doityourself. com). When a cell phone is used while driving, it distracts the attention of the driver, wind to car accidents. While using a cell phone many people tend to miss traffic signals, because they are not sincerely concentrating on driving. The process of dialing or answering the phone can set them lose control of the vehicle as well. Even though the driver is looking at the road, he or she can easily fetch distracted by the conversation. This can result in fatal accidents.Third reason of accidents on the road is teenage drivers. 2,739 teenagers died in car accidents in the United States during 2008 , (drivesteady. com). many teenagers cause fatal accidents, because of immaturity and lack of experience. Teenagers are very impulsive. Although not intending to hurt anyone, they sometimes drive very aggressively. It is not hard-fought to find teenagers driving with one hand on the steering wheel, foundation pushed back, and with loud music playing. In traffic they go wild, trying to assay attention.They underestimate the risk of what they are doing. All these acts result in just consequences on the road. Many accidents of young drivers result from their own mistakes. In conclusion, many people do not realize that being intoxicated while driving, using cellular phones and teenage drivers may bring serious injuries to everybody. Some people may enjoy drinking without care until they get into car accident, which can even result in the deaths of many innocent people.The car accidents caused by these problems are really serious but preventable. If everybody tries to eliminate these problems by following the rules of the road, driving can be less dangerous, and we will not waste time on car accidents. RE FERENCES 1- (http//www. auto-accident-resource. com/statistics. html). 2- (http//www. madd. org/statistics/). 3- (http//www. madd. org/drunk-driving/about/drunk-driving-statistics. html). 4- (http//www. doityourself. com/stry/driving-safety-tips-statistics-on-deaths-by

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Impact of Globalisation on International Business Essay

Tesfay Kumenit, Faculty of Law, University of Gondar, Ethiopia, 2008 The term sphericization did not call on pop until the 20th century. Then onwards, it has become a typical issue understand to affect the whole socio- economical and political life of states throughout the world. Besides, the discourse on planetaryization is complex with far-reaching effects on theme and foreign laws and policies pertaining to the social, economic and political matters. It is commonsense knowledge that issues link to sphericization atomic number 18 straight-from-the-shoulder to debates, as variant people attain varying perceptions about it.At one extreme, we project those who see planetaryization as an irresistible and propitious force for delivering economic prosperity in economic all in ally underdeveloped areas. On other extreme, we start those who blame it as a source of all contemporary ills. Those people victorious the latter line of argument furiousness on the negative wallo ps of globalization from various dimensions. Specially, they make frequent summons to the difficulties faced by small enterprises in underdeveloped areas in taking advantage of the benefits of globalization.As the result, the rural and informal economies remain on the margin, which in deed leads to persistent poverty. Besides, the industrial restructuring in force of competitive markets is passing probable to insecure jobs and dramatically affects the working conditions and rights of workers in approximately countries. In well-nigh developing countries, globalization has undermined traditional livelihoods, changed the traditional social certificate systems and increase rural-urban and intra-regional inequalities.Moreover, some multi-national investment have been exacerbating environmental abasement and generated pressures for cheaper and more flexible labor in order to retain engagement which in effect could erode the values of democracy and social justice. In relation to thi s, the accountability of these institutions engaged in business is debatable. In reality, some people feel that transnational bodies are unaccountable which usually sheer the local perspectives of cultural, linguistic, and other diversities. The other extreme argument is on the compulsory impact of globalization.To this effect, it is widely accepted that the key characterstics of globalization have been the liberalisation of multinational trade, the expansion of FDI, and the emergence of massive cross-border financial flows. This resulted in increased competition in global markets. It is also widely acknowledged that this has become about through the combined effect of different understanding factors principally policy decisions, to reduce national barriers to international economic proceeding and the impact of new technology. Due to the effect of the latter, the natural barriers of time and space have been vastly reduced.At present, the cost of moving information, people, good s and capitals crossways the glop has fallen dramatically which in turn vastly expanded the feasibility of economic transactions across the world. As to this, people believe that markets can be global in scope and encompass an expanding range of goods and services. With the intention to benefit international communities on equal footing, various institutions were created. Among others, UN, ILO, WTO, GATT and IMF are the most influential ones. These institutions dress out certain preconditions that states shall fulfill to get membership.Beyond that, a number of laws are issued to liberalize international business transactions. By this, it is sought that regional cooperation in trade and finance could increase stability. As it is mentioned above, globalization can have both direct and indirect impact on states. It would also needfully affect the laws of international business transactions either negatively or positively. As to the former, the challenges against globalization may d ictate the revision of these laws in a manner which may equally benefit the unfortunate and the rich.The question that must(prenominal) be capitalized is whether these laws are in positions to treat the north and the south as there is unbridgeable gap between them. If states are to be benefited from the globalization, most argue that there must be fair laws which consider the local realities in developing countries. Hence, some argue that the present laws to this end do not take the realities at ground in to account curiously in third world countries. the fact that the market is highly competitive, the poor would be pushed out of game and this would even increased income disparities with in the industrial countries . he multi-national institutions which have small capital in industrial countries, may transfer to the countries with lower cost.These institutions would easily make profits in the set down of the poor. Then power would be shifted from local institutions to trans-nat ional ones. Many take that globalization by itself is not a problem. But, laws which are designed to regulate the global transactions shall consider the existing realities the failure of which may rise various impediments against globalization.Institutions like IMF, The World Bank, The WTO, The ILO, and other specialized agencies as well as business, trade unions and other NGOs are in a lead to acquire the process to this effect. To be beneficiaries of these institutions, sates have to revise their domestic laws in residency with the guiding principles and regulations of the above institutions. In the due course, they are expected to set up social infrastructures and respect human rights. The other face of this achievement would alter poor countries to get assistance and donations from these powerful donor institutions.As a result, limitations on free trade would be minimized and this in turn may lead to the flow of foreign direct investment which immediately or indirectly add to efforts of poverty eradication and promote sustainable development. These measures would make states to think of common laws regulating business transactions. By this, there would be free trade with no or little barriers across the borders. But this does not mean that multinational corporations are free to rap resources for the sole purpose of profit maximization. Rather, they have to have social right as well.In fact, it is debatable as to what responsibilities these institutions assumed to have. The debate in this regard spectacularly revolve around the conduct of multi-national corporations and other large private companies which ,due to their sizes, have the ability to significantly influence domestic and international policy and the communities in which they operate. Central to the debate is the perceived deficiency of national and international law remedies regarding corporate accountability, particularly the ability of available regulations to successfully regulate a c orporates conduct in jurisdictions out-of-door their home state.Moreover, most people agree that the efficient functioning of the global markets depend on socially responsible business conduct. To this end, organizations, such as UN, the International Labor Organization (ILO) have developed compacts, declarations, guidelines, principles and other instruments that chalk out norms for acceptable corporate conducts.To sum up, though there are the split idea as to how all states benefit from globalization, at present, most agree that issues in relation to human rights, environmental maters etc are the common concerns of nternational communities which have to be respected and promoted by the joint efforts in every quoin of the world. Moreover, since international business transactions directly or indirectly related to these common concerns, it is believed to be a common concern as well. thither fore, laws of international business transactions have to be in a position to respect and promote principles and guide lines provided to regulate other global concerns. From this, it is easy to understand, how much the laws of international business directly or indirectly are under the influence of globalization.

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Lost in the Digital World

Lost in the Digital World Technology is e very(prenominal)where in todays society. It is how we communicate with opposites, sensation of conversation and even how we turn in our essays for an English class. It is beneficial to the world in so many ports moreover at the same time it likewise has many negative effects. In the article Can You Hear Me Now? by Sherry Turkle, she explores how engineering is bear on our daily lives, especially communication. Before the article even begins there is a quote Thanks to technology, people squander never been more attachedor more alienated (270).The author explains that through technology our wedge with communication is getting weaker and more people rely on technology to control their lives, rather than having control of their own lives. First spreads the example of her universeness at a conference and non a single person can get off technology to even stick prohibited cultism to what they even came to the conference for. In my personal opinion it shows that we excite disconnected respectfulness for people and keep gained more respect for technology and what is sack on with the digital world more than the real world. Every erst in a while audience members give the speaker few attention, lowering their laptop screens in a kind of digital bobsled (270). How can we expect someone to listen to us if we cannot even pay attention to them in person? Technology is often the easy way out and it shows through business meetings, families, and how kids atomic number 18 being raised in society in this time. A business meeting is a very personal thing. It is not just what you talk about but it is also how the person assures, communicates in person, and just that vibe you get when you agnise how to get by people. Consultants used to talk to one another as they wanted to give presentations now they spend that time doing email (271). Technology is so nonpersonal that it makes people unconnected personall y. I agree with the author as she criticizes the technology world. We are connected, tethered, so important that our physical presence is no monthlong required (272). The fact that we do not communicate with people on a deeper level can cause makes trusting people excessively easy.Texting and emailing a coworker is so convenient for the life of a business person, but are you really going to get the same response or conversation when you could just do it in person? Not yet are our careers getting taken over by technology, but our whole lives. The first thing I do whenever I wake up every morning is to check my cell phone to see who had texted me farthermost night while I was sleeping. It never was brought to my attention on how appalling this habit is until I read this article by Turkle. I look at my watch to see the time. I look at my blackberry bush to get a sense of my life (273).A sense of life should not be a arrive at-held-size of internet and the people that consume you r life. A sense of life is how you live it and the decisions and choices that you make. The personal ties that you have with the people you love and respect and most of all trust. I am also guilty of texting my mamma when we are in the same house. Even though these ways of communication are so easy and most of the time effective we pretermit a personal connection and reflect on just slender laziness. A cellphone gives someone a source of protection because they know someone is just a click away. Kids get cell phones from their parents. In return they are expected to answer their parents calls. On the one hand this arrangement gives teenagers new freedoms. On the other they do not have the experience of being alone and having to count on themselves there is endlessly a parent on speed dial. (275). There are so many reasons why kids would need cell phones but if the world got by without them before, can they do it again? Technology with adolescents is such a finespun subject ju st because of how easy it is to abuse that power of connecting with the entire world.With being so impersonal in the world we have less fear of what we are showing to the public. Even though we are not communicating with people, they can simply get on a website to see what you have been doing for the past twenty-four hours of your life because of how little privacy is online. If you have zero to hide, you have nothing to fear (277) this quote is so impersonal because you are hiding something or simply do not want other people to know your personal life should not mean that you have anything to fear.In the past ten years technology has advances tremendously at a rapid rate and it will be crazy to see where it takes us in the next ten years. I am one to trust that it can be spot more personal and things more like Skype come into play. Reliance on technology has come too far out of hand and society would be a much better nonplus if more people centraliseed on how to run their lives versus who texted us. We need to focus on building stronger connections with the people around us instead of the connection with the devices in our hands. ?

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Rhetorical Essay: Shame is Worth a Try Essay

Dan M. Kahans Shame is charge a Try was first published in the capital of Massachusetts ball on August 5, 2001. In this turn up, Kahan contends that the habit of put down as a penalty of low level crimes is non only powerful, but is an economical and humane substitute(a) to imprisonment. Its difficult to ascertain who Kahans intend audience is. However, beca spend he uses examples of dishonour beingness used as an alternative sanction around the coun screen Drive d chipk in Florida or Texas, and you power be required to place a conspicuous DUI bumper toughie on your car (Kahan 574) I would venture to say that the public at large is whom he is possibly targeting. This is move on reinforced by the fact that the root chose to at least initially publish the term in the Boston Globe, a local Massachusetts newspaper. Kahan competently uses contrast and likeness throughout his sample to illuminate a subject that otherwise might be ignored. Nevertheless he ultimately falls short of being convincing, mainly, due to his lack of usage, of relevant facts and figures. Kahan opens his essay with the basic move is shame an appropriate criminal punishment? (574).He then explores examples of its use in various jurisdictions. Refuse to make your child-support payments in Virginia, and you will find that your fomite has been immobilized with an appropriate colored boot (Kahan 575). Immediately after grabbing the referees attention with examples, Kahan presents a contrasting view signify. Many experts, however, are skeptical of these new shaming punishments. Some motility their effectiveness as a deterrent(Kahan 575). This further elicits the readers curiosity, bringing them to the warmheartedness of the issue. The author eloquently asks the question, Who is right? (575). He then goes on to use a logos style exploration, of both sides of the issue. Kahans main outcry is that propvirtuosonts dont get that shame, can be as effective as prison, at a lower overa ll cost to society. Kahan further argues and finishes strongly with the statement that the overall question shouldnt be is shame a proper punishment, but how do we employ its use properly? The author does an admirable job of grabbing the readers attention right from the bring by giving beguileing, and relevant examples of how shame has been employed around the country. ie DUIs in Texas, child-support in Virginia.Moreover, his use of logos styled arguments throughout the article does an excellent job of articulating his viewpoint while keeping the reader engaged. Kahan gains the readers applaud by presenting fountainhead reasoned and intelligent viewpoints in such a way that its actually hard to find any event fault with his assertions. The authors choice to present an opposing view right from the start, although non as effective as it could have been, was an apropos way to modify his stance. In moving forward, Kahan counterbalances some opponents by making it perfectly lighth eaded that his stance for shame based penalties applies to minor infractions of the law only . at that places obviously no alternative to imprisonment for murderers, rapists, and other raging criminals (Kahan 575). By using examples of these shame based penalties from around the country, the author similarly makes it appear to the reader that he is knowledgeable in matters concerning our unlessice system. His strongest point though comes at the end of his article when he simply asks the question Why not at least give it a try? (Kahan 576).This seems to beg an additional question, since our veritable system is overloaded why not try a different approach? Kahans major downfall in this article is his insufficient use of relevant facts and figures. Although the author does reference one particular study by Harold Grasmick that shows public disgrace exerts greater hale to comply with the law than the threat of imprisonment and other formal punishments. (Kahan 576). general it lack s the kind of hard figures it would take statistically to reinforce his claim. If the author had chosen to include some statistics on say, the effectiveness of alternative sanctions, or showed a cost analysis on prison sentences. He would have constituted a sense of trustworthiness with his reader. Unfortunately, due to the lack of those types of hard figures his essay lacks credibility. That lack of credibility, leaves the reader to wonder, just how knowledgeable is this author with this subject? If Kahan had just chosen to tell us a little about himself and his background, he could have very well hit a home run in the credibility department. He does after all have an exceptionally distinguished law career. Unfortunately, he fails to do so, thus leaving the reader with too many unanswered questions.The last major complaint of this essay is a complete lack of pathos style writing. Overcrowding, as well as, the shear number of offenders in our criminal justice system whole is stag gering. This hot button topic could have easily been used to draw out up some sense and passion in his argument. In this way, the author would have essentially legitimized his stance, as well as, inspired his readers to take action. For some(prenominal) reason though, the author chose to ignore this completely, and as such completely fails in winning over his audience. In the writing of this essay, Kahan addresses an important topic of our times.Our current criminal justice system is overloaded and wrought with problems, and addressing how to punish superficial crimes is certainly relevant. Yet his article, despite illuminating this controversial and important subject, fails in delivering the facts needed to inspire any sort of change. Kahan does an admirable job of creating interest in a topic many might otherwise ignore. However, he ultimately falls flat in the execution and leaves the reader floundering, quite a than informed. As a last note, Khans writing style might no t always include the use of pathos. Unfortunately for him his lack of appeal to emotion in this particular essay will render it ultimately unmemorable.Works CitedKahan, Dan M. Shame is Worth a Try Models for Writers. Ed. Rosa Eschholz. Boston * New York Bedford/St. Martins, January 2012. 574-578 Print

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Nokia’s Mission Statement

NokiaNokias Interim typography (2013) showed a decline in the head start of all quarter for group solve sales, finesse and services lettuce sales and networks net sales. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Nokias com complaint didactics places a unafraid emphasis on sh arholder entertain and social office to increase the societys solidhold within its industry.Sh atomic number 18holder ValueIn enact to eagre the bon tons carrying into action in these two areas, there are a couple of item indicators that Nokia is flavour for. Shareholder esteem is increased by dint of the success of the product line. Nokia gives four areas that leave alone obtain the primary focus of each of the chore areas and caliber its success. These areas are (1) leading and pleasing in peregrine thingummys, (2) growing consumer profits services, (3) accelerating adoption of avocation solutions and (4) leveraging crustal plate and transforming solutions in home (Grant, 2010, p . 24). This focus in these parentage areas allows for Nokia to increase shareholder nourish by dint of a strong business schema.Nokia overly wants to strengthen their strategic capabilities in the areas of (1) consumer understanding, (2) brand recognition, (3) technology and architecture and (4) channel and supply chain (Grant, 2010). This impart alike help to increase shareholder shelter by allowing for a competitive vantage when dealing with the above business areas.Social ResponsibilityNokia overly wants to focus on their social office as a mediator betwixt the un attached and spliceed. They envision a population where everyone is connected and allow everyone to feel coda to what matters to them. I bank that they can think this through the same manner they gauge shareholder economic none value. Essentially, Nokias business dodge will fulfill theirsocial obligation of connecting the great unwashed. Leading the industry in unstable devices, Internet services, business solutions and solution theme will all help connect the great unwashed throughout the human beings. missionWith the new Nokia Lumia attain number four on the magnetic dipen of largest smartphone brands in the USA, one can consecrate that Nokias mission is working on increasing the connectivity amongst people through their smartphones (Shah, 2013). However, the society as a whole is non doing so easy. With all their sales dropping, the that thing that is increasing is the sale of their Nokia Lumia. even up at the number four spot, Nokia exclusively holds a measly 4.1% of the smartphone industry in the US, and their overall sales are declining (Shah, 2013). Therefore, I would regularise they are non doing a very good job at fulfilling their mission recital. If Apple had the same mission story, leading the sales of smartphones in the US at a whopping 33.7%, the arguing would be more accurate in saying that they plan to connect people around the world and lead t he industry.RecommendationIn put in to improve the mission statement, I conceive that Nokia should add more tangible short goals to boost morale. Short-term wins not barely boost morale, but alike pop the question more attainable objectives to satisfy shareholders. Therefore, alternatively of stating that Nokia plans to, Lead and win in nimble devices, they can state that Nokia will, increase the smartphone commercialize value partnering with Android AND Microsoft to expand Nokias global reach. Providing short-run wins that are not as broad as Nokias current mission statement will help also strengthen the telephoners brand and make them a stronger smart set as a whole. Overall, Nokia is doing sound within the smartphone realm, and losing in everything else. It is either age that they specialize in a detail industry (smartphones), or take the groceryplace by storm with something that has not been offered before. hardly the future will tell, and the mission statement is what will reflect these plans.Nokia&8217s Mission StatementNokiaNokias Interim narration (2013) showed a decline in the first quarter for group net sales, device and services net sales and networks net sales. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Nokias mission statement places a strong emphasis on shareholder value and social tariff to increase the clubs stronghold within its industry.Shareholder ValueIn put together to gauge the companys proceeding in these two areas, there are a couple of specific indicators that Nokia is looking for. Shareholder value is increased through the success of the business. Nokia gives four areas that will fashion the primary focus of each of the business areas and gauge its success. These areas are (1) leading and attractive in winding devices, (2) growing consumer meshing services, (3) accelerating adoption of business solutions and (4) leveraging graduated table and transforming solutions in infrastructure (Grant, 2010, p. 24). This f ocus in these business areas allows for Nokia to increase shareholder value through a strong business strategy.Nokia also wants to strengthen their strategic capabilities in the areas of (1) consumer understanding, (2) brand recognition, (3) technology and architecture and (4) bring and supply chain (Grant, 2010). This will also help to increase shareholder value by allowing for a competitive benefit when dealing with the above business areas.Social ResponsibilityNokia also wants to focus on their social responsibility as a mediator among the unconnected and connected. They envision a world where everyone is connected and allow everyone to feel besotted to what matters to them. I believe that they can gauge this through the same manner they gauge shareholder value. Essentially, Nokias business strategy will fulfill theirsocial responsibility of connecting people. Leading the industry in mobile devices, Internet services, business solutions and solution infrastructure will all he lp connect people throughout the world.MissionWith the new Nokia Lumia stretchability number four on the list of largest smartphone brands in the USA, one can say that Nokias mission is working on increasing the connectivity amongst people through their smartphones (Shah, 2013). However, the company as a whole is not doing so well. With all their sales dropping, the exclusively thing that is increasing is the sale of their Nokia Lumia. blush at the number four spot, Nokia simply holds a measly 4.1% of the smartphone industry in the US, and their overall sales are declining (Shah, 2013). Therefore, I would say they are not doing a very good job at fulfilling their mission statement. If Apple had the same mission statement, leading the sales of smartphones in the US at a whopping 33.7%, the statement would be more accurate in saying that they plan to connect people around the world and lead the industry.RecommendationIn auberge to improve the mission statement, I believe that Nok ia should add more tangible short-term goals to boost morale. Short-term wins not except boost morale, but also give more attainable objectives to satisfy shareholders. Therefore, quite of stating that Nokia plans to, Lead and win in mobile devices, they can state that Nokia will, increase the smartphone market value partnering with Android AND Microsoft to expand Nokias global reach.Providing short-term wins that are not as broad as Nokias current mission statement will help also strengthen the companys brand and make them a stronger company as a whole. Overall, Nokia is doing well within the smartphone realm, and losing in everything else. It is either conviction that they specialize in a specific industry (smartphones), or take the market by storm with something that has not been offered before. unaccompanied the future will tell, and the mission statement is what will reflect these plans.